New album very soon!

Soonish anyway - end of May or beginning of June depending on the factories.

False Memory Lane will feature 11 tracks and will be available on lovely vinyl, CD and (ho hum) download. The vinyl package will also have a 3 track CD-EP featuring songs that didn't make the album.

We'll put up a pre-order link when we know an official release date.

Hello...testing.. is this thing on? We're Back!

The trouble with the popularity of Facebook is that it makes it easy to forget that some people don't use it, and still use 'normal' websites - like this one. Well, we're sorry for leaving this site to languish unloved and un-updated for so long, with the only occasional visitor dropping by to buy something from our store...

Anyway, it's time to get things moving again! After nearly a year away from gigging, we return to the stage for three gigs in Belgium and France.

We start on Thursday 20th February at the Cantina Del Rock, continue to the Kinky Star in Gent on Friday 21st, then finish in Reims at Ernest Hemingway on Saturday 22nd.

As if that's not enough excitement, we'll be playing in the UK on March 1st at the Pipeline, London with the Len Price 3.

Meanwhile, work continues on our new album 'False Memory Lane'... hopefully due for release in the Spring.

Money off vinyl!

Recording of the next album is well underway. At the moment we don't know when it'll be out or even who will release it, but it has a title, we've got 9 new songs on the go and another bunch to record in October.

In the meantime we're knocking another £1.50 of the cost of the vinyl pressing of last year's 'Staring at the Sound'. £13 (inc p&p) for the UK, £15 for Europe, £17 for USA and the rest - and that's for 180gm of heavy high quality vinyl! Get it from our store.

Money off all vinyl this weekend!!

We haven't got any thing new or exclusive to sell on the weekend of Record Store Day 2013, but to show we care we've reduced the price of all vinyl products in our store from now (Friday 19th April) until Sunday evening! £2 of all vinyl albums (Galileo 7 , Garageville 10" compilation, Phaze) and £1 off the Solarflares 7"s. Ok??

Garageville Compilation Vol 2 - available here!

The excellent compilation of bands from the recent Garageville festival in Hamburg is available from our store . It's a limited edition 10" vinyl album, and along with our version of The Nerves 'Paper Dolls' also features The Frowning Clouds, The Felines and others. We've only got a few copies so get in quick!

Special offer for February is finished, but...

... we're not returning the cost of vinyl and CD versions of our recent album 'Staring at the Sound' to the full price. These are hard times for everyone (apart from the 1 percent) so we're keeping £1 off the vinyl and 50p off the CD from now on.

"....an absolute stunner from start to finish."
'It would be impossible to attempt to pick a stand out track on this album, all twelve tracks here hit the mark, each and every one of them could be released as a single.' [Read More...]
Special 1 week offer on both formats of 'Staring at the Sound'!

Yep, it's official - February is slightly more depressing than all the other months of the year. But, in a probably futile attempt to lift your (and our) spirits in this austerity-gripped hellhole we call the UK, we are offering our most recent album 'Staring at the sound' at a reduced price until we decide to increase them again! Who needs to go on business courses to learn how to increase sales volume eh?

We're knocking off £3 from the beautiful object of desire that is the 150gm vinyl version, and £1.50 off the less beautiful but, let's face it, more convenient CD. So the UK price is £12.50 for the vinyl and £7.50 for the CD - INC POSTAGE!

Spanish pressing of 'Staring at the sound' out now!

Rock Indiana Records from Spain have released their limited edition CD version of 'Staring at the Sound'. It has extended artwork in the form of a 12 page booklet, all the lyrics, and a slightly revised tracklisting.

Buy it here

The original Uk version is still available from this website on CD and high quality 180gm vinyl -still the best listening format....

I loved the predecessor! I waited for it impatiently. I am not disappointed!'
The first was a delicious discovery, although in line with the music which follows for more than thirty years. And the second does not lower the quality of its entire discography! [Read More...]