2010 debut album to be re-pressed... on vinyl for the first time!

Our 2010 debut allbum 'Are We Having Fun Yet?', officially out of stock since 2013, is to be pressed on vinyl for the first time. The album will be remixed and remastered for the vinyl release, and is due to be available around Spring 2018. Keep an eye on this website for news of advance orders!

"This is Medwaypsychedelicgaragesound with organ of the very best - the best backward progress one can imagine. Superb!" [Read More...]
"...extra-ordinary songs"
"The sound of this record is powerful, generous and warm like never before. And the songs sound like classics of the best eras in the history of Pop and Rock." [Read More...]
"...the songs are where it’s really at...these are classy tunes, rendered superbly. "
"But before you go go all retro and reach for your Creation box set, give “Tear Your Minds Wide Open” a considered listen; not many current acts sound this fresh while mining such a well-prospected shaft. It’s all in the songs and the unassuming production. No volume wars or polishing of turds here. It's uncomplicated and assured. " [Read More...]
"Did the bands hear a lot of The Who during the recording ?!"
Did the bands hear a lot of The Who during the recording ?! [Read More...]
"...an effervescent, day-glo delight"
Tear Your Minds Wide Open! is an effervescent, day-glo delight, 12 tracks of galloping tunesmithery that barely pauses for breath as it barrels along with windmilling guitars and thumping drums that recall dear old Keith Moon at his most propulsive. [Read More...]
"...not a single dud in the bunch"
There are great retro gems all over this album, fans of similar “Rainbow Quartz” styled bands like The Above or The Grip Weeds will love this. Highly Recommended. [Read More...]
New album to be repressed!!

Less than a week after the official release of the new album, Damaged Goods have decided to order another pressing. It looks we underestimated the demand, and copies are already hard to come by, particularly in the UK. There are still a few around in Europe, but going fast. Get in quick if you see a copy for sale, especially if you don't want to wait until January!!

New album out now....!

Yes, it's available now. But as some of you may have noticed, it's currently out of stock on the Damaged Goods website... but don't worry! It's available from plenty of other webstores, mail-order sites and shops. Just Google it (other search engines are available) and you'll see a long list of stockists all round the world. Try Amazon, Ebay and Discogs as well.
We're not currently selling it from this website. It's a small pressing and we've only got a few copies to sell at the next couple of gigs... if we have any left, we'll put them up for sale here in a few weeks. And then we can pray for a quick repress!


"...a total blast and essential listening for any fan of 1960s Psych, Beat and Garage Rock"
2With a mix of great taste and cool influences from some fantastic bands, The Galileo 7 have taken the best of mid 60s British Psych Pop and put their own stamp on it, it’s a cracking little record." [Read More...]