Album Cover
The Complete 'Live-O-Graphic' Session - VINYL!
The Galileo 7
Released: Dec 2, 2016
Label: Fools Paradise
Track Listing
1 Never go back
2 Not gonna miss you
3 Orangery Lane
4 Cruel Bird
5 My cover is blown
6 Don't know what I'm waiting for
7 Anne Hedonia
8 Nowhere people
9 Nobody told you
10 Don't follow me
11 Modern love affair
12 Don't fly too high

Liner Notes

Pre-order from 22nd November 2016, ships December 5th -  the new vinyl pressing of the 'Live-O-Graphic' album!

Following an unprecedented public campaign for a vinyl version, we bowed to the inevitable and reached into our dwindling coffers to satisfy demand for the black stuff... and at the risk of annoying  those lovely people who bought the CD version earlier this year, we've put two extra songs on it. New stereo mixes of 'Cruel Bird' and 'Nowhere People' (tracked at the same session but creamed off and made into a mono single on State Records) are added to the collection to make a complete record of that epic winter afternoon of recording!

Remastered specially for vinyl (no brickwall limiting here!!) this epic almost-live collection captures the band at their nuclear-powered best...

Slightly amended original sleeve notes...

The Complete “Live-O-Graphic” Session… ten revved up, incendiary, ‘nearly live’ versions of previously released songs, plus both sides of a hit(sic) single! The live backing tracks were burned out by the MK3 line-up of The Galileo 7 in one frantic hour, hemmed in by the mechanical clutter and ephemera of a working lithographic press, ignoring thumping headaches induced by a toxic combination of chemical vapours and extreme volume levels… but high on the alchemic rock’n’roll fumes of a spontaneous, unplanned recording session! 

During the recording of the recent ‘Cruel Bird/Nowhere People’ 45, the band played a couple of older songs to warm up - and knew immediately that they had to commit the rest of their live set to tape for posterity. These versions crackle with almost uncontainable energy, and outstrip the originals for verve and intensity. The one-take vocals and harmonies were added later in a similarly pressured and time-limited session to preserve the intense feel of the tracking session. The result is this red hot ‘Live-O-Graphic’ sampler of some of The Galileo 7’s best songs! 


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