Album Cover
Who do we think you are? - Phaze
Released: Apr 19, 2002
Label: Vinyl Japan
Track Listing
1 Sunshine
2 Ride
3 The revolution is being televised
4 Sixty six
5 Springboard
6 Little miracle
7 Star
8 Really like you
9 New religion
10 Idle hands
11 Spaceship
12 Chapter two
13 Half a mirror
14 When this life ends

Liner Notes

After the end of the Prime Movers in 1993, Fay Hallam (Day) had a few years away from making music. When she decided to dust down the Hammond and write songs again at the turn of the 21st Century, she called in Russ Baxter (drums), me (guitar) and Jon Barker on bass. Soon Jon decided he didn't have the time to play in the Buff Medways as well as Phaze and he was replaced by Darryl Hartley. The band played only a handful of gigs but did make two albums, both recorded in the garage on an old 8-track recorder - the same set up used to record two of the Solarflares albums around the same time.

The first album was 'Who do we think you are?' (Vinyl Japan), a collection of Fay's typically soulful mod-pop songs, pitched somewhere between her first band Makin' Time and her contributions to the more rocky Prime Movers.

Both this album and the self released (and very obscure) second, 'Tonewheel Generation', had some great moments and it was a pity that circumstances meant that the band never really got off the ground.

Phaze lineup:

Fay Hallam - vocals, organ
Allan Crockford - guitar, vocals
Darryl Hartley - bass
Russ Baxter - drums


Who we think you are? - album 2002 (Vinyl Japan)
Tonewheel Generation - album 2003 (Swell Records)


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