Album Cover
Staring at the Sound
The Galileo 7
Released: Sep 10, 2012
Label: State Records
Track Listing
1 Anne Hedonia
2 The only one you're hurting (is you)
3 The man who wasn't there
4 More time
5 Paradise
6 Waiting to cross
7 Staring at the Sound
8 Hiding from the sun
9 Not gonna miss you
10 Leave me alone
11 Don't fly too high
12 Ella

Liner Notes

Released Sept 10th 2012.


" absolute stunner from start to finish."
Ice cream man powerpop blog
'It would be impossible to attempt to pick a stand out track on this album, all twelve tracks here hit the mark, each and every one of them could be released as a single.' [Read More...]
I loved the predecessor! I waited for it impatiently. I am not disappointed!'
Voix de Garage
The first was a delicious discovery, although in line with the music which follows for more than thirty years. And the second does not lower the quality of its entire discography! [Read More...]
Disco del Giorno 11-12-12: The Galileo 7 - Staring At The Sound (2012; State)
Under the Tangerine Tree
'The rest completes a perfect record in its own way, with the bucolic folk of Hiding From The Sun and the delicious Paradise, which seems to be extracted from a volume in the case of Rubbles series.' [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - Review
TonyFace Blog
All executed with care, good songs, fluctuating moods, good album [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - review
The compositions are clean and harmonies crisp.... I didn’t find a single throw away track on the album. [Read More...]
Il psichedelico (power)pop di Crockford
La Voce di Mantova
The right stuff to fade away a lot of pseudo-clones of today. [Read More...]
The Galileo 7 - Staring At The Sound Review
The Active Listener
' Brit-Psych nuggets with instantly memorable melodies which fans of mod-psych outfits like the Action and the Syn will obsessively salivate over. ' [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - Review
'...well crafted guitar pop from beginning to end, drawing on melodic '60s garage-punk as well as powerpop of both the long hair and skinny tie varieties.' [Read More...]
A fantastic LP!
New Underground Music
For me, "Staring At The Sound" has become a fantastic LP, which makes long back to the sixties and the band say: Mission Accomplished! [Read More...]
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