Hello...testing.. is this thing on? We're Back!

The trouble with the popularity of Facebook is that it makes it easy to forget that some people don't use it, and still use 'normal' websites - like this one. Well, we're sorry for leaving this site to languish unloved and un-updated for so long, with the only occasional visitor dropping by to buy something from our store...

Anyway, it's time to get things moving again! After nearly a year away from gigging, we return to the stage for three gigs in Belgium and France.

We start on Thursday 20th February at the Cantina Del Rock, continue to the Kinky Star in Gent on Friday 21st, then finish in Reims at Ernest Hemingway on Saturday 22nd.

As if that's not enough excitement, we'll be playing in the UK on March 1st at the Pipeline, London with the Len Price 3.

Meanwhile, work continues on our new album 'False Memory Lane'... hopefully due for release in the Spring.

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