'Live-O-Graphic' to be released on VINYL!!

Yes, due to overwhelming popular demand, 'Live-O-Graphic' will be available on vinyl from late November.

The album will now be called 'The Complete Live-O-Graphic Session' and feature two tracks not on the original CD version. 'Cruel Bird' and 'Nowhere People' were recorded in the same session but were diverted to the 7" single released in mono on State Records at the same time as the CD.  These two instant classics have been remixed in stereo to sit with the rest of the tracks, and the whole 12 track album has been remastered especially for vinyl...

In a break with a practice that has unfortunately become commonplace in the past few years, the band decided to master the album to preserve the dynamics of the original mixes - NOT just squash them to achieve that maximum volume, flat-as-a-pancake, ear-fatiguing blocks of noise effect that is so prevalent these days!

Ever wondered why you can listen to a whole evening of vinyl, but switch off after one or two modern CDs...? Do you sometimes feel that you're being shouted at by a lot of modern music? It's because old records were generally mastered for clarity and dynamics - they enticed you in and invited you to listen and engage with the music. If you want it loud, turn up the amplifier! Most modern music is mastered for maximum volume but minimum dynamics. No room for quieter passages, no space for the rhythm to breathe. It's impressive for 10 minutes or so, but after a while your ears begin to shut down and everything sounds the same. It's not the fault of CDs, but they do offer the temptation of being able to hold and reproduce sound at a level that would make needles jump out of the grooves of a record. So we've gone the other way, because we care about the sound... and no one else has got the guts to just let the music be what it is... not squash so hard that there is no life left!! Freedom for dynamics and groove! This record may be quieter, but if you turn it up it will sound better!!


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