New album out in autumn! New website... sometime...

Yeah, it's been a long time since we posted anything on this clunky old website. We don't get many strangers passing through these parts any more... but maybe we'll put this right in the near future. Because our fifth (FIFTH!) album is on the way, and it's our best yet (of course we're gonna say that - but it's the absolute truth), so maybe it deserves a new website!

We're honoured that our new album 'Tear Your Minds Wide Open!' will be released on the world reknowned garage/punk/indie-pop label Damaged Goods in September (or thereabouts). We're not sure where our psych-pop fits in their, but labels be damned!! The fact that they're putting aside genres and sub-genres to give this album a place in their catalogue is PROOF that this platter KICKS ARSE (in a psych-pop kind of way)...!!

The album will be released in a special winner takes all format... vinyl, CD and download ALL IN ONE. You get the lot! And the CD will feature a bonus track that we couldn't fit on the vinyl... it clocks in at over 10 mins, so we thought it might crowd side 2 somewhat. More details on that later... There's an interesting story attached to the track... in more ways than one.

And to celebrate the new album, we thought we'd spruce up our public (web) image and drag our cyber presence into the second decade of the 21st century... coming soon (ish)!

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