Gigs in Spain plus limited edition Spanish release of 'Staring at the Sound' - April 2013

Plans are afoot for some gigs in Spain in April 2013, to accompany a limited CD release of a revised version of the recent 'Staring at the Sound' album on Indiana Records. More details soon!

Two New Tracks now available from our download store!

Two tracks didn't make it on to the new album... but they're still crackers! They'll be released as a digital single on iTunes in a couple of weeks, and also available on a CDR at gigs. If you can't get to a gig or don't want to wait until iTunes are ready, or maybe you just don't like giving your money to Apple, don't worry! You can download them direct from our new MP3 Download Store .

The two tunes you want are 'Modern Love Affair' and 'Can't Get Away From Myself' - just 99c each!

Charity Compilation track

WME4 cover - Art by Lupen Crooke've got a track on the latest Medway Eyes compilation, ME4. It's a 61(!) track collection of Medway based or related bands and you can download it now, and of course donate some money to the Holding On Letting charity. Our song is called 'Up'. This version was originally recorded for our first album but there wasn't room. There's room for it on a 61 track collection though...

Download and gig-only single out soon!

We'll be releasing a couple of tracks that weren't quite ready for the release of the new album as a download single very soon. They'll also be available on a CDR - but only at our gigs.

'Modern Love Affair' and Can't get away from myself' are two heavier garage-punkers that will be in the live set so we couldn't let them languish in the archives for too long...

Download details will be up soon, but they should be available from around the time we play our first gig for nearly a year - October 27th...

First gigs for nearly a year start in October

After a long period of rest and recuperation (and finding a new bass player) we'll be playing a few gigs before Christmas, starting at the 96 Tears Club at the Dalston Vic (Hackney, London) on Saturday 27th October. After that we'll be in Belgium and France before playing our home town of Rochester on Nov 30th. Then we've got a couple of Christmas gigs... Have a look at the gig page for more details.


Yep, all the pre-orders are in the post (first class of course) and the album is now officially released. High Quality 180gm vinyl and normal quality CD versions are available from the store. If you like your musical formats invisible and weightless, it's also available from iTunes and a number of other digital vendors (full list to follow).

Buy the vinyl - that's where it sounds best!

Staring at the sound - cover


Beat the rush(!) and get your order in for 'Staring at the Sound' before the official release date (September 10th) and we'll ship it out on the morning of release.

Of course everyone should buy the VINYL because it's  pressed on 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies and issued in an authentic front-laminated ‘flipback’ sleeve... but we also realise that some of you are so stuck in the past that you insist on buying CDs. For those Luddites, we have also pressed up a CD version. Full quality audio CD (NOT CDR....) with full colour wallet. It will also be available for download from the usual places, but we don't like to talk about that too much.

September 10th 2012 - new album.

The new album will available from September 10th on vinyl, CD and download. Have a look at a couple of promos on our video page. Every expense has been spared to make these things, and the man who made them has been given counselling.


New album to be released early September!

We've just about finished working on our second album.... It will be called 'Staring at the Sound' and will be released on State Records in early September. Recorded the old fashioned way on 8 track tape without a computer in sight, we've stripped the sound back to let the songs breathe. No digital jiggery-pokery (or cheating, as we prefer to call it), just us playing and singing our little old hearts out. And to suit the recording methods, the album will be released on pristine, high quality, virgin vinyl. A release for music lovers, not consumers... The cover alone is worth the price, specially if you're into visuals, if you get my drift...

Yes, we will be doing the album on CD and download, but frankly if you haven't got a turntable or it's in the attic, it's time to sort it out and get with the future. Vinyl is where it's at!
And we're now looking for gigs so give us a shout here if you have a groovy or interesting venue..

Have a sneaky listen to some (nasty digital) clips of a few rough mixes from the album here:

While you feast your eyes on this:

Staring at the sound - front cover


Work on the next album continues.

We're back at Sandgate Sound this weekend (snow permitting) to record another half a dozen contenders for the next album. So far we've already got nine songs ready to mix on the mighty 8-track tape machine. From that total of fifteen we'll probably choose 12 to appear on pristine 12" vinyl later in the year.

If you're very lucky we might find a rough mix or two to tempt you with sometime soon...

Old vinyl added to the store!

We've unearthed some boxes of vinyl from the attic...

Now available, both albums by Phaze on vinyl and two 7" singles by the Solarflares. Check out the store!

Another stash of old CDs unearthed...

We've found another couple of boxes of unopened CDs by the Prime Movers from the 90s... This may be the last batch ever, so complete your collection now in the Store...

Also unearthed - boxes of vinyl 45s by the Solarflares. As soon as we get some suitable packaging those will be put on sale as well.

New track available now!

We've got a brand new track on the new Medway Eyes compilation 'ME3'. All proceeds go to OXFAM and there are 47(!) tracks by various Medway artists. Our track is called 'Ella'. We've been doing this one at gigs for a while and this was our first attempt at recording it. The song will probably be on the next album, but it won't be this version.


Our next gig will be on Saturday October 22nd at the Edge of the Wedge, Southsea. Support from the Flavours.

We've also got one of our occasional jaunts to Euroland coming up in November - if the European banks haven't collapsed and taken society down with them...
Assuming the can is still being kicked down the road by then, we'll be playing at Le Zone de Confusion (Lille, France) on Friday 18th November and Le Tipi (Liege, Belgium) on Saturday 19th.


New track on compilation, gigs coming up and gig wanted

We've got a brand new unreleased track called 'Ella' on the forthcoming ME3 compilation released by Medway Eyes. All proceeds to Oxfam, available for download on October 7th.
'Ella' is a new song we've been doing live for a while and will appear on the next album - but it won't be this version...

Next gig is at The Edge of the Wedge in Southsea on October 22nd...

Then we're back in Belgium on Saturday November 19th at Le Tipi. And we need a gig in Belgium, Holland or North East France for Friday November 18th! If you can help write to us at .

New album on the way...on vinyl!

We've started recording our next album, and after getting a lot of requests for a vinyl release of our first album, we've decided to do this one properly.... We're recording on 8 track analogue tape, the first release will be on vinyl, and none of the songs will get near any digital processors until the cd version (and downloads) are released. It will be out sometime around Spring 2012 and will appear on State Records - home of our good friends The Higher State and Groovy Uncle.

Gigs in the diary

We've got a couple of UK gigs coming up. Have a look at the shows page...

And we start work on some new recording in the next few weeks. Don't know who's releasing it, whether it will be a single, EP, album, download or what... but there's some cracking new songs ready to go. We'll work out the finer details as we go!


Radio 2 airplay

Mark Radcliffe played 'Orangery Lane' on his Music Club on Tuesday 21st June. The show is available on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days.

Meanwhile, we've made a promo vid for Orangery Lane.


Dodgy live videos, Acid Jazz compilation and airplay.....

'Orangery Lane' appears on the new Acid Jazz 'Hipsters 2' compilation, along with Modus, The Birds, The Method, Broken Vinyl Club and many others. It's released on June 13th and is available on vinyl as well as CD and download.
Pre-order from Amazon here

Just added a couple of new live tracks to our video collection, recorded at gigs in France and Italy. Hold on to your ears, cover your eyes and press play...

We've had a couple of plays on the last two editions of the Peter Anthony show on Radio Caroline. Nice to be played alongside the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles... 


More rarities from the vaults now available

Just dug up a couple of boxes of 2 of the Prime Movers albums from the early 90's. We thought these were long sold-out so it's a bit of a surprise to get these back in stock. Grab 'em in the store before they really do disappear forever...

Grab some rare gems in the store!

De-cluttering and tidying up is good for the soul, apparently. So with that in mind, a clear out of the cellar and shed has turned up a few boxes of unsold CDs and (possibly) even vinyl by previous bands. CDs by The Solarflares and Phaze are now available in the Galileo 7 online store. If enough of the vinyl has survived the ravages of time and dust, that will go on sale next week...


Album now available on iTunes

Our album 'Are we having fun yet?' is now available on iTunes (US and UK). Get the whole thing for £7.99 (14 tracks) or 79p per track if you're fussy...

It will also available on a number of other digital download sites very soon.

Album now available from our store

Our album is now available from our online store. 

Please choose 'CD-International' option if you are outside the UK.

Italian gigs in May!

We've got 3 gigs in Italy in May - see the gig list for details.

Gigs - local and European

We've got a home gig coming up - Saturday March 12th at the Nag's Head in Rochester, free admission. The home crowd is always the hardest to please. Better be on top form..

We've got some dates being lined up in Italy for the last weekend in May. We should be playing in Verona, Brescia and Trento.
In September we're hoping to be playing in the south of France - more details to come...
In early December we should be hitting Spain for a few gigs.. watch this space..

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