Airplay on Little Steven's Underground Garage

'Mine! Mine! Mine!' was 'The Coolest Song in the World This Week' on Little Steven's Underground Garage show on Jan16th. We would have trumpeted this minor coup a bit earlier, but they forgot to tell us... Still, he played it again on Jan 23rd and 30th.  Listen to one of the plays here:

More UK airplay

Jim Henderson will playing songs from our album on his Powerpop show on Get Ready to Rock Radio at 6pm Sunday 30th Jan (woops, missed it), 6th Feb, 27th Feb. The shows will be repeated at 2pm on the other Sundays during Feb.

US airplay

Mike Murray has played tracks from the album for the last 3 weeks on his 'Whole Lotta Shakin' rocknroll show on WRUR 88.5. And in a bizarre and disturbing coincidence, the station is based in Rochester. Although it's Rochester NY and not Kent, which is where we are. Spooky eh? No? No it's not really is it. Anyway, so far he has played 'Run baby run', 'Orangery Lane' and 'Some big boys did it (and then ran away)'. Thanks Mike.

We've got a track on new Acid Jazz 'Hipsters' compilation

Our old muckers at Acid Jazz have asked us to bung them a track for their next 'Hipsters' compilation ('A Collection Of Contemporary Mod And Garage Bands'), due out in a couple of months or so. The name of the track is a closely guarded secret, but I can reveal that it will have the word 'Orangery' in the title. And 'Lane'.

BBC Radio 2 airplay

The reasonably legendary 'Whisperin' Bob Harris (or that's what he used to be called anyway) played 'Orangery Lane' from the Galileo 7 debut album 'Are we having fun?' on his late night/early morning show 'Bob Harris Saturday' on Saturday 15th Jan. The description of the show is 'Bob raids his personal record collection and plays overlooked and forgotten gems - including rockabilly, early rock and roll, 60s psychedelia and 70s album tracks.' Not sure where we come into that, but who cares.... It's still sort of exciting getting 'real' airplay.. Here's our bit of the show...

Album out Now!

Our debut album 'Are we having fun yet?' is out now and only available from the Misty Lane Ebay shop:

Or from us at our gigs...

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