Odds, sods and curios

Unreleased tracks, original demos, live recordings and radio appearances

A home for all the recorded flotsam and jetsam floating around in the archives - the kind of stuff found at the bottom of barrels when someone is researching the content for a CD box set. There used to be good reasons why this sort of material didn't get officially released. But as the concepts of quality control, self-censorship, editing and dignity don't seem to apply to the web,  we're going to join in and present some of our private moments for public scrutiny. There may be some hidden gems here...or maybe not.

Radio interviews

In November 2012 Sir Eon Ballinger risked his commercial livelihood to dedicate an entire two hour edition of his excellent London Calling (RCV99fm) show to us, including every track we've ever released and some we haven't. Also features a rambling interview cum private conversation between Eon and Allan, recorded in a cupboard before and after a gig in France. The programme (apparently) generated his lowest ever listening figures. It's a good job he likes us.

London Calling Galileo 7 special Part 1

London Calling Galileo 7 special Part 2

A couple of weeks later Allan ventured onto Fizzers show on Radio Sunlight, a Medway based Community radio station. Interview conducted by Phil Dillon. No listening figures available, luckily.

Fizzers show - Radio Sunlight Nov 2012


Home demos
Allan says: "Before The Galileo 7 became a band, it was just a name for stuff I recorded at home. I put the demos on Myspace (when Myspace was good). When it became a band we used the demos to learn the songs, so the final versions are pretty similar, except played better... The most obvious difference is that I'm a crap drummer. Some demos have drum loops, some are me playing. If the drums are in time, it's a loop. If it sounds like someone trying to play with 2 broken arms it's me."

Run Baby Run (original demo)

Never go back (original demo)

Mine! Mine! Mine! (original demo)


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