Allan Crockford - Interview
Galileo 7’s latest album ‘False Memory Lane’ is a rewarding listen. Its 1960s rooted psychedelic pop rock jangle is both evocative and refreshing. [Read More...]
"A terrific album by anyone’s standards."
"....on this evidence I want to hear much more. A terrific album by anyone’s standards." [Read More...]
Allan Crockford – From The Prisoners to The Galileo 7
Allan Crockford is best known as the bassist in Medway’s seminal act, The Prisoners, who paved the ground in the 80s for the British baggy scene and 90s Britpop. However latterly as his song writing has bloomed he’s stepped out as lead for The Galileo 7. They have a great new album out, False Memory Lane, that is arguably more reflective than his collaborations with former Prisoner Graham Day.

Allan speaks to Jason Barnard to share his thoughts on his career, various projects (including the new, rather splendid, Graham Day and The Forefathers single) and flourishing creative outlet in The Galileo 7. [Read More...]
In the studio with The Galileo 7
PHIL ISTINE hears about first takes, digital recording and being "just a bassist" from former Prisoner and lead Galilean, ALLAN CROCKFORD. [Read More...]
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