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Are We Having Fun Yet? – The Galileo 7 (Teen Sound Records)

Are We Having Fun Yet? – The Galileo 7 (Teen Sound Records)

‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ is an album of catchy powered up pop trimmed with a bounty of psychedelic twists. Allan Crockford, who has backed up many a fine front-man in The Prisoners, The Solarflares, Thee Headcoats, The JTQ and The Stabilisers, has stepped out of the shadows to front his own group and write the tunes for The Galileo 7’s debut album, and he should be proud.

‘Never Go Back’ is barn storming super catchy mod pop and opens the album in defiant style. The upbeat ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ shakes the sugar, a fizzing pop nugget that burrows straight into the brain.

The psychedelic and strange ‘Orangery Lane’ trips out into the stratosphere. ‘The Sandman Turns Away’ continues in the pop-psyche vein with bursts of mellotron magick.

The album is punctuated with a pack of punchy tunes. ‘Run Baby Run’, ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ and ‘Go Home’ bounce along in a horde of harmonies, hooks and grinding organ.

The reflective 'Running Through Our Hands' adds strong lyrical flourishes to the thoughtful psychedelic melody. Nailing jelly to a tree is a particularly fine image.

If you like your tunes catchy and blended with psyched-out melodies, you’ll enjoy Galileo 7’s debut album ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’. Jonny Magus.
Jonny Magus
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