Album review - Leicester Bangs

The Galileo 7 – Are We Having Fun Yet? (Teen Sound Records)
Something lively this way comes, and in the guise of a Medway outfit doing their best to make it sound like it’s 1965 again.

Interestingly, we don’t get straight psyche-pop, nor straight power pop, but the two together with a dash of punk thrown in, which is what you’d expect from a Medway DIY clan such as these. Even so, although they may exhibit that ‘wall of death’ energy they do have a safety net insofar the songs cover more than one genre (sometimes within a song), together with an underlying sound that refers to early Pink Floyd, and this provides an anchor of sorts for all four musicians.

Apparently clan leader, Allan Crockford, has been concealing most of these songs for sometime, looking for his chance to step into the limelight, after quite a few years in the background, behind the likes of Billy Childish, Graham Day and James Taylor. Well, Allan can certainly pick his time and place, and also his cohorts. They provide such a fine level of clarity as well as the effervescence (the bubbles, if you like). I suppose listening to this is a bit like swigging cheap champagne – frothy and charming, not a lot of depth, but always a good idea to get a refill.

A highly charged, highly recommended listen to anyone who is looking for a band who are (quote) “…reversing into the future without a rear view mirror. Or Brakes. And a dodgy clutch.” That will do nicely.
Kev A.

Kev. A.
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