Rumore - Italian review

Excuse the elaborate linguistic fancies of the Google translation page...
"Allan Crockford is a sea captain who in 30 years he has written important pages in the history of British garage-beat, first with the Prisoners, James Taylor Quartet and then over the last decade with Stabilisers. Today Allan is the inventor Galileo 7, ultraunderground other training. It's another banner rebirth beat sounds more raw, the ones that stop time: 2010 as the 1967 or 1978 or 1985. Allan Crockford for the Galileo 7 are an antidote to old age. And that antidote. Think of a meeting of the Prisoners, the Buzzcocks and the Dukes Of Stratosphear: 14 tracks of pure british-sound assault by strong psychedelic inflections. In short, great music. The Italian Teen Sound has the merit of having given to Allan Crockford this chance again and was rewarded for Are You Having Fun Yet? is a disc that combines intense passion and experience. It will not make history, but songs like "Never Go Back or Go Home are there to show that talent can not be bought at the supermarket. People who loved the Prisoners will love him unconditionally."

Luca Frazzi
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