Album review - Abus Dangereux

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New group of Allan Crockford. Of course at first we recognize the affiliation with the Prisoners, but with a bit more up tempo tracks. We listening attentively, or background sound on this disc is full of Galileo 7 qualities. And some passages the headphones you will discover that some songs are like kinds of mini symphonies with full arrangements, layers of instruments and effects. The production maintains that clear and consistent. It alternates between titles that will please raised and carved TSOOL (Soundtrack of our Lives) fans, and songs idiots that make pop shake the head in rhythm in the spirit Beach Boys. Of course with this unique tab "Garage pop"that characterizes the work Allan in his previous groups. But we also hear a few Freakbeat explosions of good quality. After more than two months with this album I still say to myself that it brilliant! And it will surely be a beautiful soundtrack for the approaching summer.

Bertrand Tappaz
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