The Galileo 7 - Are we having fun yet?

The Galileo 7
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Teen Sound

What the hell is in the waters of the Medway to cause so many awesome bands to spring forth from that area of the UK? Allan Crockford has been in several of those bands, most notably The Prisoners (yes, really!), The Solarflares, and this quartet, named after a Star Trek episode (!). The Galileo 7’s stock in trade is classic Medway pop, currently mined by bands like The Len Price 3 and recalling The Who, The Buzzcocks, The Jam, and so many other legends of the mod. Are We Having Fun Yet? contains 14 awesome tracks which are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your feet jumping! ‘Never Go Back’, the title track and ‘The Best Way Is Our Way’ are appropriately frenetic, while ‘Orangery Lane’ and ‘The Sandman Turns Away’ add some swirling psychedelia to the mix. Others like ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ and ‘Run Baby Run’ may just make you pogo around the room, and perhaps as a counterbalance, ‘Feet On The Ground’ possesses absolutely gorgeous arrangements, both vocally and instrumentally. Perhaps the most brow raising tune on the album is the gutsy ‘Some Big Boys Did It (And Then Ran Away)’; now what in the world does that mean??
The band asks, Are We Having Fun Yet?. Boys, we’ve had fun since the first note, and it lasted long after the record was over.

David Bash
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