A fantastic LP!

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Allan Crockford - vocals and lead guitar is the founder of the band The Galileo 7.
He was previously active in other bands and some of them are called, The Solar Flares, The Prisoners, JTQ and Thee Headcoats.
Together with Viv Bonsels - organ and vocals, Paul Moss - bass and vocals and Russ Baxter - drums he formed The Galileo 7, from Medway, London, England comes.
"Staring At The Sound", a brilliant psychedelic sleeve, is the second album of the band, who also appears on CD and as a download and the successor of the eponymous debut album from 2010.
The album contains 12 songs, of which the first "Anne Hedonia" and called the band overwhelms me right with this delicious sauce poured into sixties pop song, which the great rhythm and great vocals me from the start to address it.
Then I hear the swinging "The Only One You've Hurting (Is You)" and herein is a pretty catchy danceable rhythm.
Then I get "The Man Who Was not There" to hear that the organ slightly psychedelic sounds and me back to the flower power period of the late sixties.
"More Time" has a danceable rhythm is nice swinging and makes me nostalgic for the years in which everything musically actually started and this number is followed by "Paradise", a great song Beatles style with bright psychedelic sounds.
Also "Waiting To Cross" is a typical sixties song, a cheerful melody, and therefore pleasant to listen to.
Psychedelic sounds fill my ears in the title song "Staring At The Sound" and this song could be a hit for the band can be, should it be released on single.
In "Hiding From The Sun" shows the band also quieter pace and not be afraid of this beautiful song out their singing talents to right.
Then there is another great uptempo song, titled "Not Gonna Miss You", which sit impossibility number swings than the pan.
With "Leave Me Alone", the band re zon'n beautiful sixties song, which psychedelic organ sounds the song a little extra.
Now follow for me at least the best song on the album and it's called "Do not Fly To High", which the band is heard more than a simple sixties song to play, because in this song I hear a great mix between psychedelic music and sixties beat, a swinging rhythm and tending to the Beatles sound.
To end the LP I get "Ella" dished and this is a nice sounding song sixties, after a few times where I listen the text almost completely can sing along.
For me, "Staring At The Sound" has become a fantastic LP, which makes long back to the sixties and the band say: Mission Accomplished!

Carry Munter
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