Staring at the Sound - Review

Lead man of The Galileo 7, Allan Crockford, has collaborated with many significant players on the Medway scene,forming the backbone of scores of Medway bands from The Prisoners to The Stabilisers. So we can be pretty sure of what to expect from his own band's second album, the follow up to 2010's Are We Having Fun Yet? It's well crafted guitar pop from beginning to end, drawing on melodic '60s garage-punk as well as
powerpop of both the long hair and skinny tie  varieties. A less aggessive, more mannered Len Price 3
occasionally come to mind (that distinctive Estuary accent shines through) and, in The Galileo 7's use
of analogue organs and lustrous harmonies, you can also detect the neo-psych of The Dukes of Stratosphear and The Rain Parade.
If you love Rhino's Children Of Nuggets collection and have exhausted all the avenues that it sent you down, then this might well signpost a new one.

Daragh 0'Halloran
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