Staring at the Sound - review

The Galileo 7 “Staring at the Sound
Opening with crunchy retro riffs on “Anne Hedonia,” its a solid throwback to 60′s British bands like the Kinks, The Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Creation. Fans of The Action and Len Price 3 will also find a lot to like here. The compositions are clean and harmonies crisp on the organ-guitar combo of “Paradise.” Lead guitar Allan Crockford makes it all an easy listen on the ears, the swirling guitars and psychedelic synths that The Moody Blues have mastered are done with equally dazzling effect on “Waiting to Cross.”

The songs seem to get stronger as the album progresses, “Hiding From The Sun” starts winsome, and builds to a rich melodic chorus. “Not Gonna Miss You” and “Don’t Fly Too High” groove pretty hard and I didn’t find a single throw away track on the album. If anything it adheres too close those flower power sounds, and will easily fool anyone under 30 that this wasn’t a classic album from 1968 or part of the Austin Powers soundtrack.

Aaron Kupferberg
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