Il psichedelico (power)pop di Crockford

Active on the garage-rock scene of the Medway since the early eighties, and after having played in bands like The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares, JTQ, Thee Headcoats, Allan Crockford in 2009 decided to establish the his band: The Galileo 7. Accompanied in this adventure by Viv Bonsels and Paul Moss, has published in 2010 Are We having Fun Yet? and, in recent weeks, the second chapter Staring At The Sound. Twelve tracks recorded on an eight-track analog away from digital and new technologies, so as to ensure a deep dive in a sound decidedly vintage. So it is. The
common thread is a tipically UK psychedelic pop, remembering of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett approach and the same Prisoners enriching formula with a series of well written melodies. The first track Anne Hedonia has a early Pink Floyd taste, The Man Who Wasn't There winks at the power-pop, Waiting To Cross plunges into late 60s psychedelic years,  Hiding from The Sun dives into an acoustic dimension, Not Gonna Miss You even see the guitar riff to the sounds of early REM band. Also noteworthy Do not Fly Too High, probably the best chapter of the lot. The years pass, not the pedigree of some rockers of the first hour to demonstrate an innate talent for finding the right melody and wearing it with the right elements. The right stuff to do fade away a lot of pseudo-clones of today.

Fabio Guastalla
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