"....an absolute stunner from start to finish."

As a fan of the Medway scene I was really excited about this albums arrival, and with very good reason,  vocalist/guitarist of The Galileo 7, Allan Crockford, was the bass player with, in my opinion, the greatest Medway band of them all, The Prisoners. Allan was also a member of Solarflares, Prime Movers and many other Medway garage bands and he is now leading his own band and standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest of Medway bands in his own right.

So, you would expect "Staring At The Sound" to have some form and you would not be wrong, this is an absolute stunner from start to finish.  Allan has had the reputation of being the reliable sideman to many great figures in his time as a musician, so it should of come as no surprise that he would develop and find a flair for writing his own songs, and, songs of quality too, which is exactly what he has done with The Galileo 7.

"Staring At The Sound" is everything you could possibly want from an album, tip top songs with psychadelic sounds, swirling organ, loads of harmonies, well written, meaningful lyrics and energy galore, as you would expect from a stalwart of the Medway sound.
It would be impossible to attempt to pick a stand out track on this album, all twelve tracks here hit the mark, each and every one of them could be released as a single.

This album will leave you wanting for more, I promise you, and the good news is, that there is more, The Galileo 7 released their debut album in 2010, "Are We Having Fun Yet?" which fortunately the band very kindly sent me along with "Staring At The Sound" and I can assure you that it is every bit as wonderful as the latest album.

Rick N. Baker
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