A truly excellent record by a truly excellent band.

I’d never heard of this band before, which is a great pity, because they really are jolly good. They mine the same rich seam of idiosyncratic English psychedelia as The Kinks, or early Pink Floyd but above all they sound like The Who in about 1966 when they had left the world of being Mod icons firmly behind, but had yet to approach the high concept works which would take up the next eight years or so of their career.

I have heard a lot of modern pop-psych bands over the years, but this lot are head and shoulders above their stylistic contemporaries. There are two reasons for this; the music is very good, and the band bristle with integrity, but above all the songwriting is not just excellent, but it contains the seeds of something g that truly could turn out to be extraordinary within it. It would not be at all a leap of the imagination to imagine   Galileo 9(sic) coming up with their analogue of Quadrophenia in a few years. A truly excellent record by a truly excellent band.

Joathan Downes
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