A Great Album.. PLUS!

Google Translation:

"3rd album for this great English band , which starts quietly and lets you install snug into his world and from 4 title (the one that gives its name to the album) we are totally caught surrounded captivated by this music ultra stylish .
Long known talent Allan Crockford : Prisoners , Prime Movers , but also underestimated Solar Flares , The Stabilisers , Goodchilde , and I think he misses me so he never misses his albums! And it is confirmed that " False Memory Lane "!
The first two were already FOR- MI -DA- BLE ! It still has a little more charm !
And when a band you really like a new album the first few seconds of listening are paramount. There with one of the first steps the opening song made me immediately go into the album ( I 'm still not out ) . From this inaugural title I found the music of the quartet that I have loved so much, while noting that it was a bit advanced by rewarding! Constructed an album that begins in a melancholy mood and nothing ends allegro vivace ! With the desire to listen again!
If you are interested in at least one of Allan Crockford groups then you will be in familiar territory here , and far less than it did previously .
Otherwise imagine a mixture of Paisley underground , Medway style , Pop, Sixties Garage Revival , Power Pop, Freakbeat , especially Pop ; it all blends, merges , is inter penetrates, carom ... The result is : A GREAT ALBUM PLUS in the great career of the gentleman ."

Bertrand Tapaz
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