Highly Recommended!

The Galileo 7 “False Memory Lane”
The Galileo 7′s new album False Memory Lane is loaded with acid-tinged pop goodies across its 11 tracks. Lead by bassist-singer-songwriter Allan Crockford, he proudly displays his love of late sixties pop influences. The opener “Don’t Follow Me” demonstrates this with vintage Farfisa organ and fuzz guitar across a snappy melody. The slow building “My Cover is Blown” reminded me a bit of Schnauser’s psychedelic power pop. Each tune makes its mark, including “You’re Not Dreaming” with its catchy rhythms and “Nobody Told You” with its swinging “ba-ba-ba-da-ba” chorus.

The excellent “I’m Still Here” dials down the fuzz, with its Byrds meets Hollies chorus sure to stick in your head. “Don’t Want To Know” is another gem that soars with some excellent vocal/guitar interplay. Fans of The Creation and Dukes of The Stratosphere will dig the riff heavy “Little By Little.” Overall not a wasted note here and a very worthy addition to your retro music collection. Highly Recommended!

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