"... a very invigorating potion..."

Back in 2014 but always with one foot in the summer of love through False Memory lane'''' s last album Galileo Seven. Is the new project of Allan Crockford former leader of The Prisoners, his former sidekick who formed the James Taylor Quartet. The Prisoners without there would be no Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans, Kula Shaker or Oasis. Great forgotten Brit Pop because too ahead of its time ('' If I wear floral shirts is that I'm ahead of two or three lengths'' dixit Antoine in the rantings) against Crockford attack. This time it was the vehicle for Galileo Seven, in homage to an episode of Star Trek. Hating revivals, chapels and sectarianism, the Galileo Seven certainly inspired by the great 60's groups, but will also look toward the Mellotron proto prog Moody Blues, Andy Partridge, Newells and Martin Bevis Frond. Somehow'' False Memory Lane'' tends towards a certain timelessness popistique, outside lights hypes and other flaws. Cosmic energy and that is a very invigorating potion to keep your head in the stars.

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
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