It's pure, authentic psychedelic pop

They say nostalgia isn't what it was, and why should it be? False Memory Lane, the latest album from The Galileo 7 is a colourful affair. Musically it's a bit like going into the shop in Mr Benn and coming out dressed like Syd Barrett circa 1967, but still with your digital watch and smartphone intact. It's pure, authentic psychedelic pop with a smattering of more contemporary elements thrown in to give it a unique twist, topped off with just a pinch of molten chocolate chips.

What does that mean? It means that if you like really good, dynamic songs, incisive organ lines, bouncing Mellotron, fat, dripping bass, rip snorting guitars, wasp-in-a-tin guitars, expressive drums and tight harmonies in widescreen stereo you should probably grab a copy of this. It's a proper record. You can even get it on proper vinyl (and other formats) direct from the band's website.

Phil Dillon
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