Allan Crockford (ex-Prisoners and a hundred other groups) is a veteran of the garage-rock that has not lost the enthusiasm of adolescence. For some years brings forward a new project, the Galileo 7, in which the band pours all his passion for the sound of the sixties. The results are sublime, because Allan knows how to write. False Memory Lane gives the sequence of eleven songs that condense Beatles, Small Faces, early Pink Floyd and freakbeat with the added value of high-level compositional average, neither more nor less than the tribute of a teenager 50 years to the sounds that have decide to become a musician. If Galileo 7 were a band of kids would talk about many of them, maybe indicated as the "next big thing". Not so, but turn a blind eye on certain personal details negligible costs us nothing. (Google Translate)

Luca Frazzi
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