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Allan Crockford - vocals and solo guitar is the founder of the band The Galileo 7, which is an episode of Star Trek is called.
He was previously active in other bands, and some of them are called, The Solar Flares, The Prisoners, JTQ and Thee Headcoats, and he is also part of the band Graham Day & The Forefathers.
Along with Viv Bonsels - organ and vocals, Mole Brooks - bass guitar and vocals and Russ Baxter - drums he forms The Galileo 7, which consists of Medway, London, England comes.
Earlier, two albums were released; In 2010 it was "Are We Having Fun Yet?" by Misty Lane Records, and in 2012 "Staring At The Sound" by State Records.
The new album will be released on their own Fool's Paradise label on both vinyl, CD and as a download, which can be, that when vinyl release a CD with three songs that do not fit on the album, is included, plus a download code noted .

"False Memory Lane" contains a total of 14 songs, the first "Do not Follow Me" is called and here I hear the band play a great uptempo beat song, which slightly psychedelic influences are, which is followed by "My Cover Is Blown" where the music sounds a bit psychedelic and contains several tempo changes, making the rhythm undulates up and down.
Then I get "You're Not Dreaming" and hear it, the band plays a song in the style of "Staring At The Sound", that is a great catchy pop song.
Then comes the title song "False Memory Lane", a nice sounding beat song, which made ​​use of strings and which contains excellent singing and the music of The Hollies me reminiscent. (listen to this song via youtube link under the review)
In "Noboldy Told You" I get back to hear such a wonderful happy catchy song where it's impossible to sit still, then "Do not Know What I'm Waiting For" and here follows the band like a brilliant hear swinging uptempo song that reminds me. to the music of The Dickies
With "I'm Still Here" I get another wonderful to sixties sounding, hear, sing along which a high level is. Beat song
Then I hear "Tide's Rising" and in this song the band let me hear to make a good piece of beat that strong harmonies contains and "fools" the band surprised me in a fantastic psychedelic pop song, which influences the Beatles music will be heard.
"Do not Want To Know" is a nice uptempo beat sounding song, which excited me the rhythm move you to dance and "Little By Little", the last track of the LP, a brilliant psychedelic pop song.
Then come the bonus tracks from the CD, including "White Spot" is the first, and in this I can hear the band related a swinging sixties pop song playing in an infectiously danceable rhythm.
The next song is called "Over And Over" and in it I get again an excellent uptempo beat to hear that song this time subtle influences from the music of The Who will be heard and the last song, titled "Reynard The Fox" pushing the tie me great light psychedelic garage-pop song for that swings like a train.

The Galileo 7 with "False Memory Lane" made ​​an excellent album, I have listened with pleasure and me in the 60s imagined to go back, so I also can recommend to all sixties music lover this album wholeheartedly .

Carry Munter
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