'Highly entertaining and great fun'

The Galileo 7 are a band formed from the ashes of influential proto-baggy '8os group The Prisoners, whose only link is main man Allan Crockford. (I enjoyed their three track State Productions sampler, reviewed last year.) On the band's third album 'Down Memory Lane' eleven groovy, catchy, vaguely retro, organ-infused pop-tastic songs hove into view, opening with the inspiring and upbeat 'Don't Follow Me,' to which I say, `Tune!"My Cover Is Blown' has quieter bits and
another great chorus, while 'You're Not Dreaming' does similarly. The title track brings in acoustic guitars and a hint of strings mellotron, as Crockford's slightly reserved, slightly nasal voice relates a tale of looking inward to make sense of life: 'Trying to make sense of a world behind my eyes.' 'Nobody Told You' is 'obviously' retro, with great backing vocals and the obligatory harpsichord (hey, we've all done it). Great cut, this! 'Don't Know What I'm Waiting For' has more than a hint of New Wave in it; maybe a hint of the Buzzcocks. 'I'm Still Here,' 'Tide's Rising,'
'Fools' and 'Don't Want To Know' all continue the formula of catchy, multi-harmonied songs (recalling the early work of the Charlatans in places) before the whispery, spooky vocal of 'Little By Little' closes the proceedings. Highly entertaining and great fun.


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