highly polished yet full-throttle

The Galileo 7 One Lie At A The God Of Gaps State THS 018

If you're going to do moddy-psychy-freakbeatin-fruggin'-oh-nice-bellbottoms pop in 2015, it outghta sound like this: as tight as the Tories' NHS budget plans, highly polished yet full-throttle. You can feel the punch of The Prisoners in it, which figures, 'cos that band's Allan Crockford is prominent. This goes beyond anything his recidivists did, however; imagine The Yachts running riot on uppers through city streets in 1970 before everything went a bit too pretentious... well, that's what I hear. Super tunes. Play 'em in your Fiat 500 and you too can feel young and free.

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