A rather stellar troupe...
Well, if I didn't know any better and was handed a CD-r with no way to ascertain just what this was I might surmise it was one of those great.....compilations from the..., erm, yes, "days of yore." [Read More...]
....you're going to get hooked on this album in someway.
I don't think it's a stretch to say that if they were around in the 60's, they would of become one of those timeless names that everyone still praises to this day, some 50 years later. If you can't manage to find the vocals catchy, you're going to find something that gets stuck in your head, be it the riffs, melodies, the whole thing is catchier than herpes. [Read More...]
A truly excellent record by a truly excellent band.
"...the music is very good, and the band bristle with integrity, but above all the songwriting is not just excellent, but it contains the seeds of something that truly could turn out to be extraordinary within it" [Read More...]
"An excellent album" 4*
The Galileo 7 with "False Memory Lane" made ​​an excellent album, I have listened with pleasure and me in the 60s imagined to go back, so I also can recommend to all sixties music lover this album wholeheartedly . [Read More...]
"....an absolute stunner from start to finish."
'It would be impossible to attempt to pick a stand out track on this album, all twelve tracks here hit the mark, each and every one of them could be released as a single.' [Read More...]
I loved the predecessor! I waited for it impatiently. I am not disappointed!'
The first was a delicious discovery, although in line with the music which follows for more than thirty years. And the second does not lower the quality of its entire discography! [Read More...]
Disco del Giorno 11-12-12: The Galileo 7 - Staring At The Sound (2012; State)
'The rest completes a perfect record in its own way, with the bucolic folk of Hiding From The Sun and the delicious Paradise, which seems to be extracted from a volume in the case of Rubbles series.' [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - Review
All executed with care, good songs, fluctuating moods, good album [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - review
The compositions are clean and harmonies crisp.... I didn’t find a single throw away track on the album. [Read More...]
Il psichedelico (power)pop di Crockford
The right stuff to fade away a lot of pseudo-clones of today. [Read More...]
The Galileo 7 - Staring At The Sound Review
'...prime Brit-Psych nuggets with instantly memorable melodies which fans of mod-psych outfits like the Action and the Syn will obsessively salivate over. ' [Read More...]
Staring at the Sound - Review
'...well crafted guitar pop from beginning to end, drawing on melodic '60s garage-punk as well as powerpop of both the long hair and skinny tie varieties.' [Read More...]
A fantastic LP!
For me, "Staring At The Sound" has become a fantastic LP, which makes long back to the sixties and the band say: Mission Accomplished! [Read More...]
The Galileo 7 - Are we having fun yet?
The band asks, Are We Having Fun Yet?. Boys, we’ve had fun since the first note, and it lasted long after the record was over. [Read More...]
Album review - Abus Dangereux
"After more than two months with this album I still say to myself that it is
brilliant! And it will surely be a beautiful soundtrack for the approaching summer." [Read More...]
Retrophobic - review
"This album is yet another blessed fruit of a plant that absorbs water from the swollen fleshy fruits psychedelic past and the present." [Read More...]
Album review - Medway Broadside
"...if you like punky, poppy, psychedelic, existential, humorous music played by crack musicians fronted by a man in a hat, then this album will be very much your bag." [Read More...]
Rumore - Italian review
Think of a meeting of the Prisoners, the Buzzcocks and the Dukes Of Stratosphear: 14 tracks of pure british-sound assault by strong psychedelic inflections. [Read More...]
Album Review - Record Collector
"A strong UK psych feel is at play throughout, but a dose of intentional cranky new wave energy with spiky guitars and estuary accents prevent it from sounding too authentic." [Read More...]
Album review - Leicester Bangs
"..A highly charged, highly recommended listen.." [Read More...]
Album Review - Penny Black Music
"...the album is crammed full of power-pop nuggets and swirling psych." [Read More...]
Album Review - Whisperin and Hollerin
Of course, these quintessentially English visions of Psych-Pop as seen through Granny Takes a Trip glasses are as unashamedly retro as the crunching Medway garage rock assault I’d expected, so I’m not about to make any claims that The Galileo 7 are about to re-invent the sonic wheel . However, Allan Crockford has the skill to make a series of familiar-sounding hooks hit home impressively on their own merits and he’s running with the Garage Pop ball here. In answer to the question ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ the listener’s answer has to be an unequivocal ‘Yes’.
[Read More...]
Album Review - The Irish Times
It’s a masterclass in stringently taut pop/rock songwriting... [Read More...]
Album Review - Shindig! magazine
The answer to the question the album poses is a definite 'yes'. [Read More...]
Album Review - Music News
"...could have been recorded in 1966, 1978 or 1996 and could have been made in Carnaby Street or Detroit or a suburban bedroom in Swindon what a great way to start a new decade in the 21st century!" [Read More...]
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