You Tear My Mind Wide Open
Nov 30, 2017
Title track (sort of) of the forthcoming album, released 10th November 2017 on Damaged Goods. Another cut and paste, slash and churn recycled video
Mystery Train
Sep 20, 2017
A track from the new album 'Tear your minds wide open!', released 10-11-17 on Damaged Goods Records.
Never Go Back - Live-O-Graphic version
May 13, 2016
Blockbusting almost-live new version of the very first song on the very first Galileo 7 album ('Are we having fun yet?' from 2010)... and it's also the very first song on the brand new 'Live-O-Graphic' album. How far we have come, eh? How to make a promo video from just two pictures..
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